Forthcoming: The Rorty Reader

Forthcoming this August, from Blackwell-Wiley: The Rorty Reader, edited by Christopher Voparil (Union Institute & University) and Richard Bernstein (New School). To see a PDF of the table of contents, please click here. To read an excerpt (chapter 1, “Introduction to The Linguistic Turn“), please click here. To visit the publisher’s webpage for the book, click here.

Here is the publisher’s description of the volume:

The first comprehensive collection of the work of Richard Rorty (1931-2007), The Rorty Reader brings together the influential American philosopher’s essential essays from over four decades of writings.

  • Offers a comprehensive introduction to Richard Rorty’s life and body of work
  • Brings key essays published across many volumes and journals into one collection, including selections from his final volume of philosophical papers, Philosophy as Cultural Politics (2007))
  • Contains the previously unpublished (in English) essay, “Redemption from Egotism”
  • Includes in-depth interviews, and several revealing autobiographical pieces
  • Represents the fullest portrait available today on Rorty’s relationship with American pragmatism and the trajectory of his thought

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