To our readers: An invitation to send us leads and content

Dear readers,

We wanted to remind all of you that we welcome your suggestions for posts on this blog. If you hear of an event, a new publication, or anything else that you think might interest other readers of OLP & Literary Studies Online, please do let us know. And please don’t be bashful about letting us know of what you are up to! If you’ll be giving a lecture somewhere, or have an article or a book forthcoming, and you think it might be of interest to us or our readers, you’ll be doing us all a great favor by sending us word of it, since we are always eager to hear of exciting new work on philosophy and literature (and art and film!).

You can contact the blog’s editors by email at the following address:

We also invite you to send us full texts of talks or papers to post on the blog, as Ed Mooney, Kelly Jolley, and others have done. If you’ve recently given a talk that might interest our readers, and don’t have plans to work it into an article, why not share your ideas with a wider audience? And if you’d like to give potential readers of your work easier access to a recently published article of yours, we’d be very happy to post substantial excerpts or even the full texts right here (but only ever with your permission).

If you’re new to this blog and want to get a sense of the kinds of things we post about, please consult our ABOUT page; or better yet, take a look at our INDEX, which lists all the posts ever published on this site. And to see a snapshot of our intellectually diverse readership, please take a look at our GUESTBOOK; and while you’re at it, we invite you to take a moment to sign it, if you haven’t already. Happily, our readership (and our daily page-view count) has been growing steadily over the past many months, and we’d love to know who our new — and newly regular — readers are.

As ever, we thank you for your interest!

All good wishes,

The editors

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