Upcoming: Symposium on Early Modern Reformations (Harvard, 3/27)

We wanted to let our readers know of an upcoming event at Harvard’s Humanities Center, which looks quite wonderful (see the poster below, and click on it to enlarge). The entire line-up of speakers looks terrific, but we wanted to draw your attention, in particular, to Sarah Beckwith (Duke Univ.), who has been doing tremendous work bringing ordinary language philosophy (especially as practiced by Cavell) to bear on the interpretation of medieval and early modern cultural practices and literary texts. She has a new book in the works (now nearly done), tentatively entitled The Mind’s Retreat from the Face: Shakespeare and the Grammar of Forgiveness, which is “on medieval and Renaissance drama, centering on Shakespeare and the transformation of sacramental culture.” Those of us who work on this blog had a chance to read a bit of it at a recent workshop organized by Toril Moi. I don’t want to give anything about the book’s argument away, but let me just say that the excerpt we read was brilliant and thought-provoking, and like everyone else at the workshop, my fellow editors and I are now very eager to see the book published, so that we can read the whole thing. (We will, of course, let you all know when it is finally out.)


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