TOC: Acta Analytica special issue on Expression, Mind, and Meaning

The special issue of Acta Analytica on “recent work on expression, mind, and meaning” (guest edited by Matthew Boyle, Harvard University), which we first mentioned in this post, is now out. To access the issue online, please click here.

Here is the table of contents:

  • Précis of Dorit Bar-On’s Speaking My Mind: Expression and Self-Knowledge (Dorit Bar-On)
  • Bar-On on Self-Knowledge and Expression (Matthew Boyle)
  • Expressing One’s Mind (David M. Rosenthal)
  • Showing by Avowing (Maura Tumulty)
  • Avowals: Expression, Security, and Knowledge: Reply to Matthew Boyle, David Rosenthal, and Maura Tumulty (Dorit Bar-On)
  • Précis of Self-Expression (Oxford, 2007) (Mitchell Green)
  • Self-expression, Expressiveness, and Sincerity (John Eriksson)
  • Getting on Top of Oneself: Comments on Self-Expression (M. G. F. Martin)
  • Artistic Expression Goes Green (Joseph G. Moore)
  • Replies to Eriksson, Martin and Moore (Mitchell S. Green)

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