Update: program for PAL Symposium on the Visual Arts

Video still from Anri Sala, "Long Sorrow"

Last November, we wrote (in this post) about an event that Toril Moi was planning for this March, at her new Center for Philosophy, Arts, and Literature (PAL) at Duke University. Planning has progressed since we first wrote about this event, and Prof. Moi has now organized what looks to be an incredibly exciting 2-day symposium on the visual arts. The schedule of talks and discussions is reproduced below. For more information about this and other events at PAL, please visit the Center’s website by clicking here.


March 4-5, 2010: PAL is privileged to be able to host an event with Fredric Jameson (Duke), Michael Fried (Johns Hopkins University) and Robert Pippin (University of Chicago), where these superb scholars will both present their work and engage in conversation about art, art history and philosophy.

March 4, 2010

2pm – 6pm: Three lectures taking place in the Nasher Art Museum Auditorium

2:00pm – Fred Jameson “Narrative bodies: storytelling painting in the baroque era”
Introduced by: Geoffrey Harpham (Director, National Humanities Center)

3:15pm – Robert Pippin “Fatalism in Film Noir: Cinematic Philosophy in Orson Welles’s The Lady from Shanghai
Introduced by: Owen Flanagan (James B. Duke Professor of Philosophy, Duke University)

4:30pm – Michael Fried “Anri Sala’s Long Sorrow
Introduced by: Kim Rorschach (Director of Nasher Museum of Art)

March 5th, 2010

10am – 12pm: Panel discussion with Michael Fried and Robert Pippin.
Moderated by Toril Moi and taking place in the Franklin Center room 240.

Both events are free and open to the public. Contact Leonore Miller with any questions.

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