PowerPoint Slideshow: for teaching Michael Fried

I’ll be teaching some of Michael Fried’s writings in one of my classes this spring, and in preparation for that, I’ve put together a brief PowerPoint slideshow that features a selection of some of the artworks he discusses in the three pieces I’m asking my students to read. I’ll be assigning his classic essay, “Art and Objecthood,” the chapter “Approaching Courbet” from his book Courbet’s Realism (it provides a great synopsis of the argument of his earlier book, Absorption and Theatricality) and his recent Critical Inquiry essay, “Jeff Wall, Wittgenstein, and the Everyday.” Because I thought some of you would enjoy seeing the images in the presentation I put together — and with the further thought that perhaps some of you would find it useful to have this presentation (or just some of the individual slides in it) for use in your own courses — I thought I’d make it available here. To download the PowerPoint file, click here. Below is a SlideShare version of the presentation, for viewing online (click the button marked “full” to view the SlideShare show in “full screen” mode). Please note that the resolution of the PowerPoint images are higher than the SlideShare ones: SlideShare compromises quality for speed. I hope to add more images to this presentation in the future, but for now, it’s at least a start.


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