2nd Wittgenstein Summer School: on PI sections 1-89

This looks like a wonderful opportunity for those who are still enrolled in university programs:

2nd Ludwig Wittgenstein Summer School

Augustine’s Picture of Language: Names, Samples and Simples (PI §§ 1 – 89)

Location: Kirchberg am Weschel (Lower Austria)

Instructors: Peter Hacker (Oxford) and Joachim Schulte (Zurich)

Required qualifications: The summer school is addressed to advanced university students in philosophy. Elementary knowledge of Wittgenstein’s philosophy is desirable. Applicants are asked to send a performance record and a 3-page essay on one or several remarks taken from §§1-89. Teaching language: English. Application deadline (registration and payment): 31 March 2010. Information concerning acceptance/non-acceptance: 30 April 2010 (Full reimbursement in case of non-acceptance). For more information about the summer school (including information about how to apply, and about the fees), please visit their webpage by clicking here.

Here is the poster for the program (click on poster to enlarge):

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