New: The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Emotion

I thought some of you would like to know of a new volume in the Oxford Handbook of Philosophy series, this one on the philosophy of emotion, edited by Peter Goldie (Philosophy, University of Manchester). A PDF of Prof. Goldie’s introduction to the volume can be accessed by clicking here. To visit the publisher’s webpage for the book, click here.

And here is the table of contents:

Peter Goldie: Introduction
Part 1: What Emotions Are
1: John Deigh: Concepts of Emotion in Modern Philosophy and Psychology
2: Aaron Ben-Ze’ev: The Thing Called Emotion
3: Roddy Cowie: Describing the Forms of Emotional Colouring that Pervade Everyday Life
4: Ronald de Sousa: The Mind’s Bermuda Triangle: Philosophy of Emotions and Empirical Science
Part 2: The History of Emotion
5: Anthony Price: Emotions in Plato and Aristotle
6: Christopher Gill: Stoicism and Epicureanism
7: Peter King: Emotion in Medieval Thought
8: Kate Abramson: A Sentimentalist defence of Contempt, Shame, and Disdain
9: Anthony Hatzimoysis: Emotions in Heidegger and Sartre
10: Louis C. Charland: Reinstating the Passions: Arguments from History of Psychopathology
Part 3: Emotions and Practical Reason
11: Jon Elster: Emotional Choice and Rational Choice
12: Sabine Döring: Why be Emotional?
13: Bennett Helm: Emotions and Motivation: Reconsidering Neo-Jamesian Accounts
14: Christine Tappolet: Emotions and Motivation: The Case of Fear
Part 4: Emotions and the Self
15: Matthew Ratcliffe: The Phenomenology of Mood and the Meaning of Life
16: David Pugmire: Saying It
17: Adam Morton: Epistemic Emotions
18: Amelie Rorty: A Plea for Ambivalence
19: R. Peter Hobson: Emotion, Self/Other-Awareness, and Autism: A Developmental Perspective
20: Michael Stocker: Intellectual and Other Non-Standard Emotions
Part 5: Emotion, Value, and Morality
21: Kevin Mulligan: Emotions and Values
22: Jerome Neu: An Ethics of Emotion?
23: Jesse Prinz: The Moral Emotions
24: Patricia Greenspan: Learning Emotions and Ethics
25: Robert C. Roberts: Emotions and the Canons of Evaluation
26: Justin D’Arms and Daniel Jacobson: Demystifying Sensibilities: Sentimental Values and the Instability of Affect
Part 6: Emotion, Art, and Aesthetics
27: Derek Matravers: Expression in the Arts
28: Susan Feagin: Affects in Appreciation
29: Matthew Kieran: Emotions, Art, and Immorality
30: Jenefer Robinson: Emotional Responses to Music: What are they? How do they work? And are they relevant to aesthetic appreciation?


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