Wittgenstein’s Voice: A Conversation

Last November the Slought Foundation and the Austrian Cultural Forum NYC sponsored a public conversation titled Wittgenstein’s Voice about the impact of Wittgenstein’s aesthetics on modern literature and the arts. This public conversation was part of the Foundation’s Conversations in Theory Series (the recorded archives of which are well worth browsing through). “Wittgenstein’s Voice,” explains the website, “takes the form of a conversation between preeminent American and Austrian writers, artists, and thinkers, with the aim of examining the specific voice of Ludwig Wittgenstein–a philosopher that has inspired so many poets, writers, and artists active today.” Participants were Marjorie Perloff, Tom Pepper, Sissi Tax, and Rosemarie Waldrop, with Jean-Michel Rabaté as moderator. Please click on this link to listen to the 98-minute conversation and discussion.