Forthcoming in Acta Analytica: “Recent Work on Expression, Mind, and Meaning”

A forthcoming special issue of Acta Analytica, guest edited by Matthew Boyle (Philosophy, Harvard University), will focus on “recent work on expression, mind, and meaning.” I thought some of our readers would like to know of it. Advance copies of some of the pieces have already been posted to the Acta Analytica website, and can be accessed by clicking here (institutional subscription will likely be necessary to gain access to the full texts). I’ve already read Boyle’s piece in it (on Dorit Bar-On’s Speaking My Mind: Expression and Self-Knowledge), as well as Mitchell Green’s precis of his book Self-Expression, and both were great — I look forward to reading more of the issue as it becomes available online. Further information about the forthcoming issue can be found here (including essay titles and abstracts). I will post a note on the blog when the entire special issue is officially published. — BR