CFP: Performatives after Deconstruction Conference


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Below is a conference CFP that we thought might interest some of our readers (click here to access the original notice).

(Related reading: click here to access a partial preview of Timothy Gould’s important essay on the topic of performative utterances, “The Unhappy Performative.”)

CFP: Performatives after Deconstruction Conference (29 – 30 June 2010, Kingston University, London)

Since Derrida, de Man and Miller first read Austin, the encounter between deconstruction and the performative has affected every discipline of the humanities (politics, law, architecture, literature, philosophy, psychoanalysis, critical theory, cultural studies, etc.). Analyses have multiplied and have put into relief the performative structure of concepts and traditions in a search for their conditions and laws of possibility. This conference seeks to understand the current terrain of the performative after deconstruction: its heritage, its operation and its future. We welcome contributions from any perspective that bring into focus the deconstructive reading of the performative in all its articulated complexity: testimony, oath, conjuration, promise, excuse, confession, disavowal, forgiveness, yes and so on.

Keynote speakers: Drucilla Cornell (University of Cape Town), Werner Hamacher (Goethe Universität, Frankfurt am Main), Nicholas Royle (University of Sussex).

Deadline for abstracts: 1st February 2010

Submission method online at:


Organiser name: Mauro Senatore

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