Online Foucault Audio Collection @ U.C. Berkeley


The Media Resources Center at U.C. Berkeley has just placed online a new collection of audio recordings of Michel Foucault. We thought some of you would like to know of it. Here is the Center’s announcement, including a link to the collection:

The Media Resources Center is proud to announce the unveiling of…

Michel Foucault Collection

This is the most comprehensive collection to date of online audio recordings of lectures and courses by the renowned French philosopher and historian Michel Foucault. The English language collection features two lecture series–on Truth, Subjectivity, and Parrhesia–delivered at UC Berkeley in the 1980’s. The French language collection offers five complete semester-length courses, covering such quintessentially Foucauldian topics as Parrhesia, governmentality, neoliberalism, security, biopolitics, and sovereignity. The collection includes recordings spanning two decades of thought and instruction, including Foucault’s final 1984 course at the College de France.

All recordings can be accessed from the Michel Foucault Audio Archive:

This collection was generously donated to the Media Resources Center by Paul Rabinow, Professor of Social Cultural Anthropology, and digitized and edited by Gisele Binder, Operations Supervisor, Media Resources Center.

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