Conference Program: ASA Annual Meeting (10/21-24)


The program for the ASA’s Annual Meeting, to be held in Denver from October 21-24, has been posted online. The following note about the conference program is from the ASA’s website:

The Program Committee, chaired by Paul Guyer, has planned a challenging and expanded program that includes papers and panels in virtually all aesthetic areas and approaches. 2009 celebrates the two-hundredth anniversaries of the births of Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln, the one-hundred-and-fiftieth anniversary of the birth of John Dewey, the seventy-fifth anniversary of the publication of Dewey’s Art as Experience, and the thirtieth anniversary of the death of Herbert Marcuse. The Program Committee has, therefore, adopted the theme of ART, NATURE, AND FREEDOM. Of special note is the Plenary Lecture to be given by Denis Dutton and the Inaugural Wollheim Memorial Lecture to be given by Peter Lamarque. There will be two receptions and the Aesthetic Attitude Jazz Group is working on plans to play on Saturday. Please make your plans to attend!

And here is a PDF of the program:

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