Wittgenstein Research Centre at University of East Anglia


[Posted by BR]

I recently stumbled upon the website of the Wittgenstein Research Centre, affiliated with the School of Philosophy at the University of East Anglia. Many of the distinguished scholars who are associated with the center were already well known to me, but the existence of the center itself was not. In case any of you also had not heard of this research group before, I thought I’d post a link to their website here. To read the “Research Profile” of the center’s faculty members, click here.

And here is a brief description of the center:

The Wittgenstein Research Group is an international team of leading Wittgenstein experts who combine rigorous exegetical scholarship with innovative application of Wittgensteinian ideas in different areas of philosophy and in interdisciplinary debate.

In its revolutionary stage, much analytic philosophy was shaped by the work of Ludwig Wittgenstein. The assimilation and criticism of his ideas drove the development of analytic philosophy until the 1960s. And although more accessible concepts then moved to the fore of philosophical discussion, Wittgenstein’s enigmatic work has continued to provide inspiration for original and innovative research beyond the confines of mainstream analytic philosophy.

The Wittgenstein Research Centre in Norwich has been set up by an international team of philosophers who share this bi-partite research perspective: they combine rigorous exegetical and historical work on Wittgenstein and his context with innovative philosophical and inter-disciplinary research which develops Wittgensteinian ideas in new directions.

The founding members are Eugen Fischer, Garry Hagberg, Oskari Kuusela, Catherine Osborne, and Rupert Read.

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