The Center for Philosophy, Arts, and Literature (Duke University)


[Posted by CS]

PAL Banner 4

There is much to look forward to for those of us who are interested in ordinary language philosophy, or who work more generally at the intersection of literature, philosophy, and the arts: a new institute has opened this fall at Duke University under the direction of Toril Moi, called PAL (for Philosophy, Arts, and Literature). It promises to become a stimulating place for research, broad-ranging conversations, and intellectual exchange, and this not only for Duke faculty and students, but potentially for scholars worldwide. A series of major events is already planned, including an inaugural lecture to be given by Stanley Cavell on October 12, a visit by British novelist A. S. Byatt (October 15), a workshop for young scholars from various universities who work on philosophy and literature (February 2010), and a one-day symposium on art and philosophy with Michael Fried (Johns Hopkins University) and Robert Pippin (University of Chicago) on March 4, 2010. While we are announcing the official inauguration of the institute, it is worth mentioning that the Center in fact developed out of a series of ordinary language philosophy workshops which brought together students and faculty from various departments at Duke over the course of the past two years: in 2007-2008 we had the pleasure of hosting Tim Gould (Denver Metropolitan University), Nancy Bauer (Tufts University), Sandra Laugier (University of Amiens, France), and Richard Fleming (Bucknell University); and last year, in what seemed like a tour de force over several weekends, we read the Philosophical Investigations “remark by remark” under the perceptive guidance of Professor Fleming. PAL already has an elegant website, where you can read more about upcoming events, as well as courses and texts relevant to ordinary language philosophy studies. To visit PAL’s website, please click here.

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