Oct. 2009 issue of Philosophical Investigations


PI Journal Cover

The October 2009 issue of Philosophical Investigations is now out. Here is the table of contents:


The General Form of the Proposition: The Unity of Language and the Generality of Logic in the Early Wittgenstein (Denis McManus)

Was Wittgenstein an Anti-Realist? (Richard Scheer)

Wittgenstein, Dreaming and Anti-Realism: A Reply to Richard Scheer (William Child)

Is God Beyond Reason? (Brian Davies)


Philosophy as a Humanistic Discipline – By Bernard WilliamsThe Sense of the Past – By Bernard Williams (Timothy Chappell)

G_d, Rationality and Mysticism – By Irving Block (John Kinsey)

Medical Ethics, Ordinary Concepts and Ordinary Lives – By Christopher Cowley (Mike McNamee)

D. Z. Phillips’ Contemplative Philosophy of Religion: Questions and Responses – Edited by Andy F. Sanders (Lars Hertzberg)

Metaphysics and the End of Philosophy – By Howard O. Mounce (John Haldane)

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