Forthcoming: Seeing Wittgenstein Anew: New Essays on Aspect-Seeing


Forthcoming, in Janauary 2010, is a book of new essays on aspect-seeing that I am sure many of us will be eager to read: William Day and Victor J. Krebs, eds., Seeing Wittgenstein Anew: New Essays on Aspect-Seeing (Cambridge Univ. Press, 2010)

Here is the publisher’s description of the book:

Seeing Wittgenstein Anew is the first collection to examine Ludwig Wittgenstein’s remarks on the concept of aspect-seeing, showing that it was not simply one more topic of investigation in Wittgenstein’s later writings but rather a pervasive and guiding concept in his efforts to turn philosophy’s attention to the actual conditions of our common life in language. Arranged in sections that highlight the pertinence of the aspect-seeing remarks to aesthetic and moral perception, self-knowledge, mind and consciousness, linguistic agreement, philosophical therapy, and “seeing connections,” the sixteen essays, which were specially commissioned for this volume, demonstrate the unity of not only Philosophical Investigations but also Wittgenstein’s later thought as a whole. They open up novel paths across familiar fields of thought: the objectivity of interpretation, the fixity of the past, the acquisition of language, and the nature of human consciousness. Significantly, they exemplify how continuing consideration of the interrelated phenomena of aspect-seeing might produce a fruitful way of doing philosophy in a new century.

And here is the table of contents:

Introduction: seeing aspects in Wittgenstein William Day and Victor J. Krebs

Part I. Aspects of ‘Seeing-As’

1. Aesthetic analogies Norton Batkin

2. Aspects, sense, and perception Sandra Laugier

3. An allegory of affinities: on seeing a world of aspects in a universe of things Timothy Gould

4. The touch of words Stanley Cavell

Part II. Aspects and the Self

Section 1. Self-Knowledge

5. In a new light: Wittgenstein, aspect-perception, and retrospective change in self-understanding Garry L. Hagberg

6. The bodily root: seeing aspects and inner experience Victor J. Krebs

Section 2. Problems of the Mind

7. (Ef)facing the soul: Wittgenstein and materialism David R. Cerbone

8. Wittgenstein on aspect-seeing, the nature of discursive consciousness, and the experience of agency Richard Eldridge

Part III. Aspects and Language

9. The philosophical significance of meaning-blindness Edward Minar

10. Wanting to say something: aspect-blindness and language William Day

Part IV. Aspects and Method

Section 1. Therapy

11. On learning from Wittgenstein, or what does it take to see the grammar of seeing aspects? Avner Baz

12. The work of Wittgenstein’s words: a reply to Baz Stephen Mulhall

13. On the difficulty of seeing aspects and the ‘therapeutic’ reading of Wittgenstein Steven G. Affeldt

Section 2. Seeing Connections

14. Overviews: what are they of and what are they for? Frank Cioffi

15. On being surprised: Wittgenstein on aspect-perception, logic, and mathematics Juliet Floyd

16. The enormous danger Gordon C. F. Bearn.

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