J.M. Bernstein: The Demand for Ugliness (on Picasso)


[Posted by BR]

J.M. Bernstein (Philosophy, New School for Social Research) gave a talk on July 14, 2008 to last year’s participants of the annual School of Criticism and Theory at Cornell University. Happily, Cornell and the SCT have made a video of the lecture available online, which you can access here (see below for a brief clip).

Bernstein’s lecture was entitled “The Demand for Ugliness: Picasso’s Bodies.” Above, I’ve embedded a brief PowerPoint slideshow I put together of some images that Bernstein discusses in his talk. You are welcome to download the original PowerPoint file and to make use of it (and its component parts). To download the file, click on the “menu” button located at the SlideShare viewer’s lower-left corner. In order to download this file, however, you will first need to sign up for a (free) account on SlideShare, which is the website where the file is hosted (SlideShare, if you’ve not heard of it, is a service that enables one to share various kinds of slideshows — including PowerPoint presentations — online). Once you’ve downloaded the PowerPoint file from SlideShare, you will be able to extract its individual slides and images.

Below is a brief (approx. 5 minute long) video clip excerpted from the beginning of Bernstein’s talk, offered here to pique your intellectual curiosity. To see and hear the whole thing, click here.

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