Please sign our guestbook


Dear readers,

Who are you? We’d love to know! Please take a moment and sign our guestbook. One of our primary goals in creating this blog was to foster a sense of connection and community among those of us who care about work done at the intersection of ordinary language philosophy and literary studies. It would be great — and we think heartening, and not just for us — to get a sense of the range of people who visit this site and share our interest and investment in this kind of intellectual work. Please just sign your name and tell us where you’re based, or if you have more time and feel so inclined, it would be wonderful to hear about your research and/or teaching interests (and you could also leave the address of your personal webpage, if you have one). Whatever you feel like writing and sharing. But just knowing who’s out there and interested (indeed, that there are people out there and interested) would mean a great deal to us, and we think to many of our other readers as well.

Thank you for visiting us, and for taking a moment to say hello.

Sincerely yours,

Corina, Kevin, Yi-Ping, and Bernie

P.S. We know some of you may also want to know a bit more about our own research and teaching interests, so we will be adding personal profiles to our About page in the coming weeks.

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