Online Nietzsche Resource


Nietzsche Source

I just learned, from a recent post on Brian Leiter’s philosophy blog, about an online Nietzsche resource (called “Nietzsche Source”) that looks potentially very useful. The site includes a digital version of the German critical edition of the complete works of Nietzsche, as well as digital facsimile reproductions of a bunch of Nietzsche materials (including first editions, manuscripts, and letters). You can access it by clicking here. The following is copied from the site’s “About” page:

Nietzsche Source is a web site devoted to the publication of scholarly content on the work and life of Friedrich Nietzsche. All publications are peer-reviewed and aspire to meet the highest quality standards. The content of the site and its internet addresses are stable and can be freely consulted and used for scholarly purposes.

The website is managed by the Nietzsche Source Organization (formerly, the Association HyperNietzsche), a non-profit organisation hosted at the École normale supérieure in Paris.

The Nietzsche Source Organization is a growing scholarly community of leading experts from different countries. It promotes research on Nietzsche through conferences and scientific events. Its main purpose is to continue work on the edition, commentary and interpretation of Nietzsche’s work.

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