Mulhall on Philosophy and Film


Philosophy Bites is a wonderful website I’ve just come across, where you can listen (for free) to “podcasts of top philosophers interviewed on bite-sized topics.” In one of the podcasts, the hosts of the interview series — David Edmonds and Nigel Warburton — speak with Stephen Mulhall on his views about the relationship between philosophy and film. As the website briefly introduces the podcast:

Can film be philosophy? Stephen Mulhall believes it can. Most philosophers who consider film focus on essential qualities of the cinematic medium, its reliance on photographic representation and montage, and so on. Mulhall has a very different approach. In this episode of Philosophy Bites he explains how the movie Bladerunner addresses philosophical themes.

You can listen to the interview with Mulhall by clicking here. And if you haven’t read it already, we highly recommend his book on film as philosophy:

On Film (Thinking in Action)

Stephen Mulhall, On Film (expanded 2nd ed., 2008)

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