MLA Panel on Rorty


[MLA News from Rob Chodat, at BU]

Philosophy & the Mirror of Nature by David Bromwich: Book Cover

Rob Chodat, who was a student of Richard Rorty at Stanford, has organized a special session about Rorty, pragmatism, and literary criticism for the 2009 MLA (the year 2009 happens not only to be the 30th anniversary of Cavell’s The Claim of Reason, but also the 30th anniversary of Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature). We thought readers of this blog would be interested in knowing about the panel. The line-up of speakers looks great.

Panel title: “Rorty, Pragmatism, Criticism”

Time/Location: Sunday, Dec. 27, 8:45-10:00pm, Philadelphia Marriott

Presiding: Gregg Crane, University of Michigan

1. Robert Chodat (BU), “Rorty Astride the Two Cultures”

2. Paul Grimstad (Yale) “Causation, Experience, and Literary Experiments”

3. Charles Altieri (Berkeley), “Rorty and the Intractable: The Place of Struggle Within Philosophy and Literature”

4. Joan Richardson (CUNY), “‘Conversation Is a Game of Circles,’ or Thirteen Ways of Looking at Rorty”

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