Wittgenstein Database


Some of you already know of, and use, InteLex’s searchable database of Wittgenstein’s writings, but if you’ve not heard of it, it’s definitely worth checking out: to find out more about it, just click on the following link, which will take you to InteLex’s webpage for the database:


As you might imagine, it’s an incredibly valuable scholarly resource: with it, one can more easily track the development of particular ideas and phrases throughout Wittgenstein’s manuscripts, as well as quickly locate remarks that you remember (and want to cite!), but can’t any longer find.

Most research university libraries already subscribe to the InteLex Past Masters series, of which the Wittgentein database is a part. So if you are a grad student (or a professor at a research university), you can probably access this database at no charge. A search of your library’s website for “InteLex” or “Past Masters” should get you to the right database. However, those of us who teach at smaller schools may not be so lucky, but (happily) individual access to the database (on CD-ROM or via the internet) is actually pretty affordably priced. Anyway, we just wanted to make sure everyone knew of this valuable research tool.

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