Oxford Handbook of Phil & Lit (Eldridge, ed.)


Anyone interested in the connections between philosophy and literature will want to check out this exciting new collection of critical essays, edited by Richard Eldridge. At something like $150, it’s clearly too expensive (and not intended) for most individual consumers, but be sure to ask for it at your library. And if you teach at a college or university, please urge your library to buy it if it hasn’t already!

Here is a link to the Amazon page for the book, and here is the table of contents:

1. Introduction , Richard Eldridge, (Swarthmore College)

2. Epic , Gregory Nagy, (Harvard University)
3. Lyric , Susan Stewart, (Princeton University)
4. Tragedy , J. M. Bernstein, (New School for Social Research)
5. Comedy , Timothy Gould, (Metropolitan State College of Denver)
6. Pastoral , Mark Payne, (University of Chicago)
7. Satire , R. Bracht Branham, (Emory University)
8. The Novel , Anthony J. Cascardi, (University of California, Berkeley)
9. Autobiography and Biography , Stephen Mulhall, (New College, Oxford)
10. Experimental Writing , R. M. Berry, (Florida State University)
11. Realism , Bernard Harrison, (University of Utah)
12. Romanticism , Nikolas Kompridis, (University of Toronto)
13. Idealism , Toril Moi, (Duke University)
14. Modernism , Philip Weinstein, (Swarthmore College)
15. Postcolonialism , Simona Bertacco, (University of Milan)
Devices and Powers
16. Imagination , Kirk Pillow, (Corcoran College of Art + Design)
17. Plot , Alan Singer, (Temple University)
18. Character , Stanley Bates, (Middlebury College)
19. Style , Charles Altieri, (University of California, Berkeley)
20. Emotion, Memory, and Trauma , Glenn W. Most, (University of Chicago)
Contexts and Uses
21. Literature and Knowledge , John Gibson, (University of Louisville)
22. Literature and Morality , Ted Cohen, (University of Chicago)
23. Literature and Politics , Fred Rush, (University of Notre Dame)

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