MSA 11: Languages of Modernism


A series of panels on Modernism and OLP will take place at the annual meeting of the Modernist Studies Association in Montreal, November 5-8, 2009.  See the list of confirmed speakers and titles below. The conference program with details about exact time and location will be available on the MSA website late summer.

I. The Later Wittgenstein and Twentieth-Century Poetics

  • Yi-Ping Ong (Harvard University), “Poets and Philosophers of the Everyday: Stein and Wittgenstein on Language, World, and Meaning”
  • Walter Jost (University of Virginia), “Demonstrating Rhetoric”
  • Charles Altieri (UC Berkeley), “Contextualizing the ‘Intricate Evasions of As'”

II. Ordinary Language Philosophy and/as Modernist Practice

  • Kevin Lamb (Columbia University), “The Authority of Criticism: Autobiography and Impersonality in Cavell’s Modernism”
  • R. M. Berry (Florida State University), “Ordinary Language Philosophy and Modernist Aesthetics”
  • Robert Chodat (Boston University), “The Perfection of Middle-Sized Dry Goods: Cavell, Science, and Modernism”
  • Garry L. Hagberg (Bard College & University of East Anglia), “The Thinker and the Draughtsman: Wittgenstein, Modernism, and ‘Working on Oneself'”

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